Edgerton Chamber Holding Detergent Fundraiser to Help Fund Summer Festival Events


In an effort to raise as much funding as possible to help pay for Edgerton’s summer festival events like the Ballpark Bash (formerly June Jam), the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce is holding a laundry detergent fundraiser through Soapy Joe’s Fundraising, LLC. Pairing the fundraiser with sponsorships from our business partners, we hope to provide great event offerings that will be fun and affordable for everyone.


Soapy Joe's Fundraiser | Edgerton Chamber of Commerce

But why are you selling detergent?

We wanted a fundraising product that you could actually use! We chose this particular fundraiser because it’s a win-win:

  • You win by scoring the laundry detergent you’d already use at unbeatable prices
  • We win by getting to put profits toward future events (really, YOU win twice!)

There are many detergent fundraising companies out there, but Soapy Joe’s is the REAL DEAL. They’ve been in the detergent game for 8 years, and have done their homework so they can offer the best product out there. Their products have nearly DOUBLE the amount of concentrated liquid detergent percentage that some of their competitors do, and they’re guaranteed for 90 days after the sale. These are products that are as close to popular brands Tide & Gain as you can get, without actually being Tide & Gain. Plus, Soapy Joe’s allows us to maximize our profits on each sale, which means more money goes back into our community.

What kind of products can I get?

There are laundry detergents (similar to Tide & Gain), fabric softeners, dryer sheets, liquid laundry pods, dish soap, and dishwasher pods. Pricing below (Blue Label = Tide formula, Green Label = Gain formula, Purple Label = Softener formula).


I’m still not convinced. Tell me more.

You need more reasons to buy Soapy Joe’s detergent? Okay! Remember that the product we’re selling is a product you already use every day. It’s a top quality product and will work just as well if not better than what you’re using now. Also, it’s way cheaper! Buying bulk in a 5-gallon bucket is anywhere from 12% to 21% cheaper, depending on which brand of detergent you’re using now. If you buy your detergent from the Edgerton Chamber, you can save money, get a quality product AND help your community have the best summer ever!

Oh, one more thing: every detergent purchase enters you in a drawing for a Ballpark Bash family 4-pack of tickets! The winner will be selected at random when the fundraiser is complete.

Alright, this sounds awesome! How do I buy my detergent?

We’ve extended the deadline, so orders can be placed until June 30, 2017. You can order your products 1 of 2 ways:

  1. By contacting Chamber president Christian Elden (317-679-1284) or vice president Susan Herman (419-298-0100). Payment will be expected when placing your order (cash or checks made out to Edgerton Chamber of Commerce), which can be dropped off at Susan’s Hair Flair in Downtown Edgerton.
  2. Order online with PayPal below. You don’t need a PayPal account — you can use any credit/debit card, and it’s safe & secure.

Soapy Joe’s Items
Please specify product scent
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When do I get my product?

Once the final orders are tallied and the funds are received, we should have the products delivered in 7-10 business days. Your product will be available for pickup during scheduled times at the Edgerton Village Hall.

I have another question…

Questions should be directed to Christian Elden via email at edgertonohiochamber@gmail.com.